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The second trip to Bleak Harbor, MI that Gruley takes you on in PURGATORY BAY demonstrates his talent in telling a detailed complex story smoothly The wrath and revenge dealt out by Jubilee Rathman befits a Bond villain The Detroit mob murdered most of her family when she was a high school student and years later she begins her plan for comeuppance Yes, the plot is complex and very detailed and there are a lot of characters coming in and out of this story, and Gruley handles everything with skilled aplomb The mansion of Jubilee sitting atop the hill overlooking the bay is nothing short of classic thriller fortress manned by Frances , think Alexa meets HAL 9000 Hockey makes a welcome return to Gruley s latest, he writes it with heart Mikey Deming and her family are characters you immediately relate to and care for There are characters from BLEAK HARBOR with key roles in this new tale, Katya Malone is now Police Chief Chief Booker Radovich unjustly fired by the mayor from the earlier tale in Bleak Harbor in this readers opinion You are going to want to make time to sit with this for a One Sitting read Trust me it is welcome thrill ride ENJOY. Another page turner with surprises from Bryan Gruley So well written His descriptions of characters, their clothes, expressions and frame of mind, surroundings, the weather I m there. [Free Kindle] ♩ Purgatory Bay (Bleak Harbor, #2) ⚉ Twelve Years Ago, Her Life Was Torn Apart Now Those Who Wronged Her Will PayJubilee Rathman Is A Straight A Student And Star Soccer Goalie Destined For Princeton Until Her Family Is Brutally Murdered Twelve Years Later, She Lives In A Virtual Fortress On Purgatory Bay Near Bleak Harbor, Plotting Revenge On The People She Considers ResponsibleIn Her Crosshairs Is Former Reporter Michaela Mikey Deming, Who Jubilee Believes Got Her Family In Trouble With The Detroit Mob As Retribution, Jubilee Kidnaps Mikey S Sister And Daughter, And That S Just The Start In Her Ruthless Quest For JusticeBleak Harbor Police Chief Katya Malone, Still Reeling From Her Failure To Find A Kidnapped Boy, Leads The Investigation She S Determined To Keep History From Repeating, But Jubilee Is Cunning Than Malone Can ImagineAll Mikey And Katya Can Do Is Follow Jubilee S Dangerous Trail Of Clues But In Bleak Harbor, Nothing Is What It Seems, And No One Can Be Trusted As An Ominous End Draws Ever Nearer, The Women Must Face The Misdeeds Of The Past To Find The Kidnapping Victims Before It S Too Late Snagged an advance copy of this What I love is how Gruley blended elements of his superb Starvation Lake trilogy with the pacing and plotting of Bleak Harbor This one is tense from the jump, and Jubilee is a piece of work Check it out You ll like it. Purgatory Bay is quite good A diabolical plan to get even with ones that have preceived to do a girl wrong 12 years ago, Jubliees life is changed forever Everyone thinks she has moved on, how wrong they are The use of drones, plus other technology makes this book scary, as you think this could actually happen Second in the series, I can t wait to read.Thanks to Netgalley and author for a copy. A diabolical and complicated revenge plan to strike out against multiple enemies is launched creating an intriguing and entertaining plot to keep you on the edge of your seat to see what twist is coming next Excellent character development really strengthens the plot to bring the characters and story to life You won t want to miss this second installment in the Bleak Harbor series Kudos to the author for weaving a delightfully complicated story and I hope to read much from him in the future I got an advance copy of this book and loved it from the start Like all of Bryan Gruley s books, it was full of interesting and well developed characters, fast paced and full of twists and turns I loved Bleak Harbor and this entry, with another original plot and a drone as a murder weapon, did not disappoint. Purgatory Bay was a interesting mystery with a great murder weapon This book is well written and has great characters. A bit on the confusing side protagonists on opposite sides suffering similar personal tragedies, a revenge plot quite diabolical but with way too many moving parts, an explosion of characters especially near the end still an entertaining and fast moving story.I was intrigued by several positive reviews so went to purchase the book only to find out it will not be released until January 2020 so grabbed a copy from Net Galley in exchange for a review First time I have used them and it downloaded the book as a document to my kindle which seemed to cause occasional technical issues but made it through Major issue for me was where the bad guy managed to get the funds to engineer and carry out the mission so either a fortune was left behind after the original incident that generated the desire for revenge hard to imagine the family business generating that kind of profit, even with the sideline business for the mob or some insurance paid off that was never mentioned.At any rate, thanx Net Galley for the interesting read. I haven t read the first book of this series so I might have been attached to the characters if I had The plot is pretty original and drones as murder weapon is still pretty fresh This wasn t a whodunit as much as a slow yet often predictable unraveling of why A couple of hiccups with a couple of twists make this a good read overall and I would read from the Author.Copy provided by the Publisher and NetGalley